Medieval China

China Online Museum

China Silk Museum

China Whisper – 15 Pictures of Traditional Chinese Clothes in Song and Tang Dynasties

China National Tea Museum

The Palace Museum – China

Zhejiang Museum – China

Totally History – Han Dynasty Clothing

Detailed Histories of Chinese Dynasties and their Fashions

Hanfu or Han Chinese Clothing

Fashion Timeline of Chinese Women Clothing

Hong Kong History Museum

Chinese Clothing

Clothing of the Tang Dynasty

Medieval China – History

Food and Environment in Early and Medieval China

Medieval China Timeline

Medieval China High School presentation

China during The Middle Ages (500-1650 C.E.)

China History travel site but has information on dynasties, arts, foods, etc.

Medieval China Slideshow

Ancient China for Kids

Ho Center for Buddhist Studies

Stanford East Asia Library

Ancient China articles – China history, food, games, religion and more

Ancient Chinese civilization

Ancient Chinese Explorers

Early Medieval China Journal Entries

Early Medieval China Group

Freer/Sackler Gallery Chinese Collections

National Art Museum of China

Top 18 Ancient Chinese Inventions

Top 20 Ancient Chinese Inventions

Museum of Asian Art

Tang Dynasty

Tang Dynasty History – Tang Dynasty

Tang Dynasty Clothing

Women’s Fashion in Tang Dynasty of China

Tang and Song Dynasty Attire

Han Couture: Song and Ming Dynasty Clothing

Costume in the Song Dynasty

Chinese Fashion Through the Dynasties YouTube video

Chinese Fashion Through the Dynasties Part 2 YouTube video

China: History of Dress

Characteristic Chinese Clothing in Qin and Han Dynasty

History of Chinese Clothing

Category:Clothing of the Yuan Dynasty

History of Chinese Clothes Powerpoint Presentation with info and images

Sui Dynasty

Chinese Dynasty Guide

Sui Dynasty (589–618 AD)

Armour in Ancient Chinese Warfare

The Evolution of Chinese Armor 1: Shang to Qin Dynasty YouTube video

The Evolution of Chinese Armor 2: Han to Sui Dynasty YouTube video

The Evolution of Chinese Armor 3: Tang Dynasty YouTube video

The Evolution of Chinese Armor 4: Song & Yuan Dynasty YouTube video

The Evolution of Chinese Armor 5: Ming & Qing Dynasty YouTube video

Chinese Swords and Armour from the Metropolitan Museum of Art YouTube video

Chinese Traditional Weaponry

The Armor worn by Qin Dynasty Soldiers

Chinese armour

Ancient Chinese Paper Armor Put to the Test – You Won’t Believe How Strong It Is!


Dragons Army Blog for Chinese military history

Ancient Chinese Food Recipes for Kids

Top 10 Traditional Ancient Chinese Foods

Food in Ancient China

Evolution of Chinese Clothing and Cheongsam

Mongol Clothing in the Yuan Period

The Introduction of Chinese Costume

Opulent Clothing Unearthed in Ming Dynasty Tomb

A Preliminary Study of Mongol Costumes in the Ming Dynasty*

History of Traditional Chinese Clothes

Ancient Chinese beer brewed and taste-tested at Stanford Method is included in the article

5,000-Year-Old Chinese Beer Recipe Revealed

Ancient and Medieval Chinese Recipes for Aphrodisiacs and Philters: A Survey of Mawangdui and Dunhuang Manuscripts

Food and Environment in Early Medieval China

Court cuisine in fourteenth‐century imperial China

The Jin-Yuan Period

The Lost Empire that Ruled the Silk Road

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