Pre 17th Century Religion

I know, religion can be a hot topic for some. here we’re just going to take a look at what religions were practiced before the 17th Century, some iconography, some rites and of course Deities. Hopefully you find this as interesting as I do. As always if I’ve missed something please let me know.

The Principal Germanic Gods

God Checker  YOUR GUIDE TO THE GODS Discover almost 4,000 gods, goddesses and spirits from around the world. Very searchable and user friendly.


Gods of Love

A Mayan Pantheon

Old Norse Religion

Norse Religion

Denmark National Museum – Religion, magic, death and rituals

Norse Mythology for Smart People

Behind “Heathendom”: Archaeological Studies of Old Norse Religion

Viking Religion

Religion Facts – Norse Religion

Slavic Pagan Gods Russia pre-Christianity

Who did ancient Slavs pray to before Christianity came to Rus’?

Russian Traditions

How Russia Came to be a Christian Nation

Eastern Orthodox Church

What Is Known About Slavic Mythology

Ancient Egyptian Religion

Religion in Ancient Egypt

History for Kids- The religion of ancient Egypt

Egypt – Religion and Beliefs

Canadian Museum of History -Ancient Egypt

Egyptian religion – Gods of ancient Egypt


University College London – Ideology and Belief in Ancient Egypt – Religion

Medieval Religion Medieval Life and Times

Religion in the Middle Ages

Medieval religions in Europe

Middle Ages Religion

Christianity and Religious Freedom in the Medieval Period (476 – 1453 CE)

The Medieval Church

MEDIEVAL-RELIGION@JISCMAIL.AC.UK Email discussion lists for the UK Education and Research communities

Belief Systems Along the Silk Road

Historical and Modern Religions of Korea

Religious change in East Asia

Religious Reform Movements in south and southeast Asia

Christians, Buddhists and Manichaeans in Medieval Central Asia


Religious and Cultural Conditions During Medieval Period History of India Hinduism or Hindu Dharma, Buddhism or Buddha Dharma, Jainism or Jain Dharma, Sikhism or Sikh Dharma, and Zoroastrianism. Also has translations of ancient texts.

Introduction To Shaivism, Part 1

Religion in Ancient China

Book Project – Discourse on Chuang Tzu

Ancient Greek Religion

Greek Gods and Religious Practices

Religion and Death – Greek Religion

Hellenic Gods


Roman Religion

Ancient Rome and Religion

Met Museum – Church Art

Relics and Reliquaries in Medieval Christianity

In service of the Church Swedish History Museum

V&A Museum See the rooms for Faiths and Empires, Devotion and Display and Sculpture








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