Textile, Fiber Arts and Clothing Links

Textiles covers a broad range of items. Here I’m including links for historical textiles, weaving, other fiber arts and clothing. Some links will be time or place specific and others will be more broad reaching. I’m also including links to re-enactment groups because not only can they be a great source for more information, but also so you can see how modern construction and materials can be used to replicate historical images. I will be doing a separate post for embroidery.



University of Kent – Roman Dressmaking

Women in Antiquity – Spinning and Weaving in Ancient Greece

Sarah Thursfield – The Medieval Tailor’s Assistant Author

Textile History Journal

Medieval Dress and Textile Society

University of Glasgow – Enduring Love Affair with Textiles and Clothing

kostym.cz – Extant Originals and Fashion Information

Abegg-Stiftung – Historical Textle Foundation

North European Symposium for Archaeological Textiles

The Costume Society

Rosalie’s Medieval Woman – patterns

University of Copenhagen – Centre for Textile Research

Tiraz Home for Arab Dress

Weaving Back in Time – blog

Global Encounters – blog

Traditional Textile Craft

Textile Terminologies – article

Wool Economy in the Ancient Near East and Aegean – research article

Unesco – Silk Road

The Sealed Knot – English Re-enactment Group

Regia Anglorum – British Isles re-enactment

Re-enacting Ancient Times Society

Skirmish Living History Magazine

Medieval Siege Society – Re-enactment group (Hundred Years War and War of the Roses)

Buckingham’s Retinue – War of the Roses Re-enactment Group

The Company of Saynt George – re-enactment group dating to Charles the Bold

Ermine Street Guard – Roman re-enactment group

Historia Normannis – 12th century re-enactment group

Medieval Combat Society – Re-enactment group

Nova Roma – Roman Re-enactment group

Historical Needlework Resources

Patterns of Time – Useful links

Modauniversity.org Briana – Links to patterns

Extant Clothing of the Middle Ages – images and information

Marc Carlson – Historical Clothing from Archaeological Finds

Deliberately Concealed Objects Project








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