Medieval Embroidery

Patterns, stitches, extant samples. I currently have the links organized by time period and then a general information section. It’s likely in the future I may separate out each Century for it’s own post and then organize the links by region. Right now I just keep getting distracted by all of the pretty pictures and how one link leads to another link to another link.

What is your favourite? And how would you like to see this organized?



Phrygian Embroidery (Turkey) – Possibly the first true embroidery

Why Ancient Silk Is Still Gold: Issues in Chinese Textile History

Felt Carpet of the Hunnu – 3rd-1st Century BCE

Ancient Chinese Silk Unraveled in Xinjiang

Ancient Russian Ecclesiastical Embroideries – Cairo under Wraps

940 AD Egyptian Linen, silk; plain weave, embroidered fragment

3rd-4th Century Linen, wool; tapestry weave, looped embroidery Possibly Egypt

Heavy Metal Embroidery – Iron Age

Textile Research Center – Ancient Egyptian Stitches

Embroidery in Ancient Egypt

A Textile Lovers Diary

Coptic Embroidery – Early Islamic Art and Artifacts


10th Century

Heather Rose Jones- Mammen – Viking embroidery Stitches and Motifs

The textile grave finds from the graves in the cathedral of Worms



11th Century

Scribbling in the Margins – 11th Century Embroidery

Cover from the St Wenceslas Shrine

Bayeux Tapestry

11th and 12th Century Collars – Sudzal Grave Find

Fragment with gold leaf lions


12th Century

12th Century Embroidered Mantle – Extant pieces and how to make your own

Maniacal Medievalist – 12th Century

Raclaire’s Embroidery and Needlework  – This takes you to 12th Century but there is more to see on the whole blog

Sicilian Embroidery of the 12th Century

Historical Needlework Resources – Blue Tunicella or Dalmatic

Novgorod Fragments

Battle of Legnano 1176 – clothing


13th Century

China Silk Museum – Embroidered Slippers Song Dynasty

Cleveland Museum of Art – Lampas with lion strangler

Mitra from Seligenthal Monastery Embroidery in gold lahn and silk on white silk

Tenjukoku Shucho 13th Century reproductions of older Japanese embroidery


14th Century

History of Embroidery – 14th Century English

Victoria and Albert museum – Opus Anglicanum

Historical Needlework resources – 14th Century – 14th Century

Ornament-i-stil – 14th Century Saxos

North Italian – silk and metal thread

Karlov’s Day Forum – 14th Century Embroidery thread


Altar Cloth or Podea – Byzantine

French Pouch- silk and metal thread on canvas


15th Century

The Magi with entourage

Unicorn Hunt

Vie de saint Martin

Hood for a cope – Italian

15th Century Nepal Silk embroidery on polished cotton

V&A Museum – An Introduction to English Embroidery (14th, 15th and 16th Century examples)


16th Century

Elizabethan Costume – 16th Century Embroidery Resources

“Slips” Elizabethan and Stuart Embroidery

English Embroidery of the Late Tudor and Stuart Eras

Flowers of the Needle – 16th Century embroidery – Void work

Textile Research Center – Assisi Embroidery

Robe of the Palatine Countess Dorothea Sabina

The death of St. Paul – Tapestry

1600 Spanish Embroidered Skirt Front  extant piece


General or not time period specific

Stitches In Time

Needlework Tips and Techniques – History of Embroidery

Historical Needlework Resources – Searchable by Period – Pre 17th century metal work embroidery

Jane Zimmerman – English Medieval Embroidery

Medieval Threads Blog

Jane Stockton – 5 Period Embroidery Stitches

Embroidery: Sources of design, past and present

The Worshipful Company of Broderers – Embroidery Guild

Russia IC – Torzhok Gold Embroidery

Recreated Clothing with Sources Listed

Hungarian Folklore Museum

Su Embroidery – History of Hungarian Embroidery

Persian Embroidery – A Study in Miniatures Mostly pre 17th Century

Tiraz: Inscribed Textiles from the Early Islamic Period until the 14th Century

Textile Research Center – Hungarian Embroidery

Costume and Embroidery of Macedonia

fibre2fashion – History of Embroidery

China Online Museum – Embroidery

Women of China – Embroidery

China Culture – Embroidery

Sarah’s Hand Embroidery Tutorials – Pattern Darning

Medieval Silkwork




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