Medieval Germany

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What comes to mind when you think of Medieval Germany? I think of picturesque castles, vibrantly coloured clothing, pretzels, beer and of course Codpieces! Below you will find links to castles that are now museums, recipes, clothing and patterns as well as some military history (arms, armour, Landsknecte and even Teutonic Knights).

As always please feel free to leave me a comment or send me a message if there is anything else you would like added here.

Food & Drink

Medieval Cuisine – German Recipes

Beer & Bratwurst – The Ultimate German Knight Out

Medieval Cookery – Recipes from Germany

The book of good food (around 1350)

RHEINGAUER HÜHNER – A recipe from the Middle Ages and its history
Together with cooking instructions for the modern kitchen

The Pretzel: A Twisted History


The German Beer Purity Decree of 1516

Brewery stories of Germany’s historic cities

A Brief History of German Beer

A History of Beer Brewing in Germany and the Low Countries


Middle Ages Fashion History in Germany

German Medieval Clothing in the 14th Century

German Fashion in the 15th Century – Men

German Fashion in the 15th Century – Women

Free Patterns for 16th Century German Renaissance Clothing and Accessories

16th Century German Costuming

A Beginner’s Guide to 16th Century German Women’s Dress – How to look like a Frau.

Sternenmantel of Heinrich II

Cranach Saxon Court Gown: Pattern, Materials, and Construction Notes

16th C: Early German-Saxon (Cranach) Gowns

German (Cranach) garb – theories

Cranach Gown Part 1: Research

Cranach gown brustflect construction – an analysis

La Betulia Liberata – Costume Diary, A Cranach Gown – list of resources provided

A Cranach Gown for Twelfth Night– Part 1

A Cranach Gown for Twelfth Night– Part 2

The ‘Kampfrau’ or ‘Trossfrau’ Dress…..under construction.

Cranach and Holbein and Durer, Oh My…

German Renaissance Costumes

Cranach Dress – Complete

Landsknecht Waffenrock

The Great Mantle of St. Kunigunde


Reenactment: female pilgrims 16th century

Ready-to-W ear Clothing in Germany tn the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries: an Essay


What did the Renaissance man wear? Historian recreates outfit from the 16th century

The first book of fashion – University of Cambridge

Early 16th Century German Peasant Clothing

Lipperheide Costume Library – Berlin Germany

FASHION & TEXTILE MUSEUMS – Germany – a list of links to Museums in Germany

Radical Fashion from the Schembart Carnival (1590)

The Codpiece and the Pox

University of Cambridge – What goes up must come down: a brief history of the codpiece

If the codpiece is indecent, then it is German.

General Information and Museums

Medieval Chronicles – Medieval Germany

The Finer Times – Germany in the Middle Ages

Milwaukee Public Museum – Medieval Germany

Museum Schnütgen

The History of the Germanic Tribes and Races

Lumen Learning – The Germanic Tribes

The Principal Germanic Gods

Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden – Museum Exhibits page

The Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden – Online Collection

GERMANISCHES NATIONAL MUSEUM – Cultural History museum – Their textile collection of over 25,000 objects includes textiles from late antiquity to the present

Staatliche Museen zu Berlin – Online Collections Database

Plassenburg – Castle museums including Lanscape Museum, Germna Pewter Figure museum and Museum hohenzollern (16th century castle living)

City History Museum Spandau

Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I – 1493-1519


Real Landsknecht

Meet the Landsknechts – 10 Wild Facts About the Most Murderous Mercenaries of the Renaissance

Landsknecht GERMAN MERCENARY PIKEMAN – Britannica

Standing Landsknecht – Getty Museum Pen and black ink 1520-1530

Germania International

Landsknechte (Lansquenets) – British Museum 1525-1580

British Museum – Landsknecht Collection

Landsknecht – early 16th Century – Metropolitan Museum of Art

Metropolitan Museum of Art – Landsknecht Collection

Teutonic Knights Teutonic Knights

Teutonic Knights

Teutonic Knights: 10 Things You Should Know About The German Military Order

Castle of Bad Mergentheim – From 1527 to 1809, the Castle of Mergentheim was the Grand and German Master of the Teutonic Order’s residence

Castle of the Teutonic Order in Malbork – (Polish: zamek w Malborku; German: Ordensburg Marienburg) is a 13th-century Teutonic castle

THE TEUTONIC ORDER IN MEDIEVAL LIVONIA -From the Tallinn Museum of Orders of Knighthood

Deutschordensmuseum – Teutonic Knight Museum

Arms and Armour

Armor of Emperor Ferdinand I (1503–1564),dated 1549

Stirrup,10th century – North European, possibly northern Germany

Emperor Charles V at Mühlberg – 1548. Oil on canvas

Burgonet,ca. 1550–55 – Attributed to Desiderius Helmschmid German

Desiderius Kolman Helmschmied (1513–1579), German armorer of Augsburg. – Wikimedia Commons Category of images – armor pieces

Helmschmied armour – Wikimedia Commons image Category – armor pieces

The Helmschmieds of Ausburg – German armor maker family

Backplate and Hoguine (Rump Defense) from a Costume Armor,ca. 1525 Metropolitan Museum of Art

PARTS OF A FIELD ARMOUR – Kolman Helmschmid, Augsberg

Extant 15th Century German Gothic Armour – lots of pictures posted


Original examples of Maximilian Armour-the early 16th-century German plate armour

History of European Martial Arts – Part XIV – Zweihander

Epic visit to the German Historical Museum in Berlin! – YouTube video tour

Historisches Museum Dresden – The Dresden Armoury Museum

The Wehrgeschichtliche Museum – Military History Museum in Rastatt Castle

Militärhistorisches Museum der Bundeswehr – Bundeswehr Military History Museum – from 1300 to present day

Festung Königstein – Königstein Fortress – Dating from the 13th Century

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