Cheese History

I’m very excited about this post. I just love cheese. Since I discovered making my own cheese was not as hard as I thought it would be, I figured I might as well go all out and share all of the wonderful cheesy information I have found. I’m going to try to separate the links based on recipes and historical information.  If the link has both I will put it under recipes and make note that it has research as well.


Ancient Recipe: Kamakh Rijal (Countertop Cheese) (Arab & Persian, ca. 10th century CE)

Cheese Gnocchi: Little Medieval Pillows of Love

Making Cheese with The Romans – Columella’s Cheese

Medieval Cheese Forum This link has more recipes than information along with tutorials.

CHEESEFORUM.ORG recipes and information about cheesemaking.

How To Make Your Own Simple Cheeses At Home

Beginner Cheese Maker FAQ

Cheese Making Recipes – 100+ recipes

Fresh Cheese Recipe

Recipe: Homemade Cheese, in the Ancient Roman Style

Ancient Recipe: Kamakh Rijal (Countertop Cheese) (Arab & Persian, ca. 10th century CE)

Curd Nerd Beginner Modern recipes but helpful information for cheesemaking

Making Cheese with The Romans – Columella’s Cheese Some historical information, mostly a recipe

Edible Archaeology: Symilus’ Aged Goat Cheese and Garlic Moretum with Flatbread This is a recipe for using your cheese


Cheese in Medieval Manuscripts!

A “Taste of Medieval England” included mac and cheese, pretzels, and cheesecake – who knew?

Assorted English cheeses by ancient tradition

Cheese History From An Ancient Nomad’s Horseback To Today’s Luxury Cheese Cart Read more at:

Cheese Making through the Ages

The Strange History of Cheese

Art of cheese-making is 7,500 years old

Medieval Cheese

Medieval Cuisine – Cheese Making Information, more links and recipes

History of cheesemaking in Switzerland

List of medieval cheese types Names and modern equivalents

Cheese Across the Ages

Where Does Halloumi Cheese Come From? Hint: Medieval Byzantine period

Roman Military Research Society- Blessed are the cheese makers

OLD REGIME CHEESE: 1. The lost cheeses of Medieval France

New Links Added Jan 28th 2021

The Strange History of Cheese


Ireland’s Cheese Culture and Cuisine  

Study on Early Medieval Ireland shows importance of Cows and Milk

Medieval Cheese, or Reader Mail

How to Make Prehistoric Cheese – YouTube Video

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