You are going to an event and need something new to wear. You want to try something different and see if you like it. Maybe you just want to see what options are available beyond the standard Viking dress. These links should fuel your imagination, help you with your documentation and in some cases they will give you the pattern so you can make your own new garb.


Garb Lynx Lots of links and resources to get you started. Well organized.

Anna’s Rome: A View of Ancient Rome and Byzantium in the Current Middle Ages  direct to Garb posts.

Garb for Infants and Toddlers

Further Reading: for costume, and other medieval topics

The Medieval Tailor’s Assistant


Illuminating Fashion: Dress in the Art of Medieval France and the Netherlands

Medieval Africa

The World of Hat Ethnic Museum

Riga Fashion Museum

Further Reading: for costume, and other medieval topics

Illustrated Encyclopedia of World Costume

Costume and Embroidery of Skopska Blatija, Macedonia

Blue Tunicella or Dalmatic

Costumes from the historical parade of the Palio di Legnano

New Leaf Blog – Visit to Lyons Museum of Fabrics

Early Assyrian Costume History & Pictures

Fashion Museum Bath

Costume Sources of Information for Fashion History

Ancient Costumes Assyrian, Greek, Merovingian, Gallic etc. scroll down on the page to move to the next page.

Middle Ages Costumes scroll down to move to any of the 32 pages.

Pattern Drafting Down and Dirty She shows how to pattern a Salwar Kameez, but the basic principles can be used for anything you make.

Easy Salwar Instructions

Easy Kameez Instructions

A Map of Textile Museums

The Textile Museum – The George Washington University Museum

Textile Museum, and Museum of Decorative Arts

The Silk Museum Macclesfield

Japan Silk Museum

The Textile Museum of Canada – Patterns, recreations, extant items and more. This is one of my favourite starting resources. You will have to run the site through a translator to get English.

Rashid’s Easy Choli – pattern image

i love historical clothing Blog with lots of patterns and tutorials linked on the right side. More than just medieval so a sewer’s dream. – Sarafan Cutting Pattern

Easy Breezy Russian Garb

Basic D.I.Y. Clothing Patterns for Medieval Women

Simple medieval costumes

Make Your Own Medieval Clothing – Basic Garments For Men



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