After spending the day at an SCA event called Tyger Hunt with a wonderful group of people who are forming the Middle Kingdom Courtesans Guild, I decided to learn a bit more. And if you ever get the chance to visit the Courtesans Guild Salon tent, please enjoy the company and if you are so inclined, leave a donation to help them keep up their supplies.

A few bonus links for you this week:

Tyger Hunt

News Coverage of Medieval Days at Historic Fort Wayne

Knowne World Courtesans


Now for the research:

10 High-Class Courtesans Who Played Their Clients Like Fiddles

Franco, Veronica (1546-1591), Venetian Courtesan Poet

The Honest Courtesan

Veronica Franco

Veronica Franco: The Life of a Courtesan in Renaissance Venice and Her Influence on the Analysis of Female Portraiture

Prostitution in Renaissance Venice

Famous Prostitutes and Courtesans in History

Aspasia: First Woman of Athens

Aspasia of Miletus

Ancient History Encyclopedia – Aspasia of Miletus

The Greeks – Aspasia

Brooklyn Museum – Aspasia

Perseus Encyclopedia – Aspasia

The Lady’s Not a Tramp: History’s Greatest Courtesans

An Adventure in Rome


Phryne, The Ancient Greek Prostitute Who Flashed Her Way to Freedom

The “It Girl” of the Ancient World


The Greeks – Hetaira and Courtesans

Hetairai: The Ancient Athenian Courtesan

Neaera and her time in Athens

The past activities of a courtesan. Athens, 4th cent. B.C.

DEMOSTHENES, Orations 59. Theomnestus and Apollodorus against Neaera

Inventing the Hetaira: Sex, Politics, and Discursive Conflict in Archaic Greece

Ancient Egyptian Sexuality: Life in Ancient Egypt

Sexuality and Prostitution – Ancient Egypt

Sex in the Service of Aphrodite Did Prostitution Really Exist in the Temples of Antiquity?

Ancient Egyptian Sexuality

Sacred Marriage and Sacred Prostitution in Ancient Mesopotamia

Sexuality, Sacred Sexuality & Isis

Prostitutes and Poets -How the prostitution of the past wrote some of China’s greatest poetry

What Sex Was Like in Pre-Modern China

The 8 Famous Prostitutes in Chinese History

The Honest Courtesan – Su Xiaoxiao

A secret mistress, a beauty and a legend that lasts through poetry

Su Xiaoxiao – Mountain Songs

The Singer Su Xiaoxiao

Exotic beauty Li Shishi

Chinese famous Courtesan-Li Shishi

Top 10 most glamorous courtesans in ancient China

Du Shiniang

The story of Du Shiniang in Three Words of Wisdom

cultural discourse on xue susu, a courtesan in late ming china This is a PDF

Badass Ladies of Chinese History: Yu Xuanji




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