Medieval Dogs

Man’s best friend (women’s too, unless they get into something they shouldn’t). Dogs have been around for a very long time and humans have been domesticating them for nearly as long. Cats and horses also have their place in the pre 17th Century world, but it’s the humble dog who always catches our eye. The following links will give breed information, artwork and other assorted facts.

Dogs in the Medieval Period  Artwork and breed information

Medieval Pet Care  Images and advice

Dogs: Medieval Man’s Best Friend

Exploring the Medieval Hunt – Those Old Hounds

Medieval Pets

The Dogs of the Medieval/Renaissance Hunt

Barkpost – Humour but they also Document the Images

The Medieval Dog

Dogs at the Medieval Banquet

An Artist’s Pet Dog Photobombs the Middle Ages – Illuminating Medieval Hunting Dogs

Smithsonian Mag – Medieval Dog Names

Life in the Middle Ages – Medieval Pets

Made From History-Medieval Canines

Medieval Pet Names

Medieval Kitchens Used a Specially Bred Dog to Turn Roasting Spits

Dogs on Display

Indiana University – The Medieval Review

Dogs in Medieval Art

Dog Sacrifices Found in Medieval Hungarian Village

Irish Archaeology – medieval dog collar

Dog History 101: Medieval Greyhounds

Leeds Castle Dog Collar Museum

Dog Collar Boutique – More pictures from the Dog Collar Museum


What other critters are you interested in?




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